Since its inception in 1999, NoBug has been involved in a variety of digital design projects and activities, which span a large set of EDA tools, methodologies and technologies. This variety of projects and activities can be structured as follows:

  1. Chip design projects
  2. Custom IPs design and maintenance - NoBug has developed a variety of custom solutions in different languages, environments and on different platforms.
  3. Design components library - NoBug has built a library of design components, which are re-used internally for training as well as starting points in actual projects.
  4. Third party design IPs - NoBug has specific experience using, integrating, and wrapping IPs and cores from third party vendors. We have been exposed to IPs from various sources, used in particular conditions, and subject to specific requirements and expectations.
  5. Design IPs review - NoBug is occasionally asked to provide expert advice on purchasing of design IPs. We have conducted several overviews of the market offering and in certain instances we have conducted hands-on trials of demonstration packages.
  6. Design IP verification – Verification of design IP's is one NoBug main activities and specialization. (see Digital Design Verification Services).


NoBug design activities are based on a sound methodology with roots in the generally accepted practices of the industry.

Depending on the design and on the constraints applied, the general flow can vary substantially, for example by integrating the performance evaluation step in the design/verification process, or by bundling together the synthesis with the physical design layout to meet more stringent timing constraint and reduce the number of iterations in the flow design.

Although the flow should be pre-established for every design, it should be reevaluated for each design as well, to maximize the efficiency of each step and reduce the needed number of iterations, thus creating a more dynamic flow, adaptable to the need of the moment.

Application Domains

The application domains spanned by NoBug design projects are:

  • Peripherals
  • Networking
  • Interconnect
  • Video
  • Processors
  • Controllers
  • Etc.

By architecture the majority of projects were ASIC ones, some FPGA and some generic ones.

A representation of the flows, methodologies and tools knowledge inside NoBug is given in the following charts.

ASIC Flow Skills, such as:

ASIC Design:


EDA Tools & Methods



A representation of the effort per architecture and phases of various application domains projects is given in the charts below.

NoBug Total Effort/Architecture


NoBug Total Effort/Phase


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