NoBug EDA team has built extensive experience developing tools for handling the programming languages involved in verification. In the recent projects the team developed complex source code translation solutions, an industry-strength front end, and other related applications. Building on a strong interaction with the core expertise of the company, the EDA team achieved the ability to research and develops effective solutions independently.

The development is well documented and managed by an ISO certified process, which includes specific project management and quality assurance guidelines and practices. The more recent applications were implemented in C++ on Linux using the standard set of development tools. Concurrent versioning, documentation and issue tracking systems are integral part of the development flow.

The EDA team expertise is focused on the two main verification languages e (IEEE 1647) and SystemVerilog (IEEE 1800-2009). In addition, one can mention good command of PSL, Vera and Verilog. The team has in depth knowledge of constraint-driven generation, simulator interface, functional coverage and assertions, which was used to prototype add on tools for effective test bench development.

Nobug EDA team has collaborated over time with all the major EDA companies, including Cadence, IBM, Mentor Graphics and Synopsys.

A representation of the software skills and tools knowledge inside NoBug is given in the following chart.

SW Development Skills


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